1980 Libertarian Party Correspondence with Amway Execs, DeVos Family Rejects Overture due to “Higher Law”

This document is a correspondence between Dick M. Jacobs of the Libertarian Party and Noel A. Black, Director of Public Affairs for the Amway Corporation, regarding information sent to Richard Devos about the Ed Clark Presidential Campaign. Copied on the correspondences are Richard Devos, J. Van Andel, and Ed Crane. Below are key quotes from the correspondence:

  1. “Dramatic changes of direction in the American polity never occur. What does occur is incremental change, a small step at a time.”
  2. “We are not prepared to subscribe to virtually any conduct by consenting adults as either right or legal. There is a higher Law which cannot be violated. Nor will we be any part of weakening observance of those Laws.”