The Curated List of Koch-Related Documents, By Date 

Welcome to our growing list of hard to find documents about Charles Koch, his empire, and his agenda all in one place. This is the list of documents we have curated for you. If you know of or have a key document that should be included, please let us know. This list is not static, so please bookmark this page and check back. You can also use the search engines in the tab above to find key documents and other resources about the Koch agenda and how it affects you, your community, this nation, and our planet.

Here are some instructions on how to use this index. To view the document below, please click the hyper-linked title. When the page opens, you will see the primary document embedded below the summary. To view the full, annotated document in DocumentCloud, please click the four-arrows in the bottom left of the embedded viewing window. From there, the primary .pdf may be downloaded by clicking “Original Document (PDF)” in the right pane.