1991 CATO Climate Denial Conference Flyer

This document is a flyer created by the Charles Koch-founded Cato Institute in 1991 to promote its conference on “Global Environmental Crisis: Science or Politics?”

Cato’s conference featured twelve men, a number of whom are now considered key figures in climate denial, in denying that burning carbon is affecting the earth’s climate and in obstructing efforts by governments to address the changes–despite the overwhelming agreement within the scientific community on the causes of the dramatic climate changes underway.

The Cato climate denial conference speakers include: Patrick J. Michaels, Richard S. Lindzen, Robert C. Balling, Jr., and S. Fred Singer, among others (links here are to profiles from DeSmog).

As Jane Mayer noted in her review of Kochland by Chris Leonard, this document helps establish the early role played by the Charles Koch-founded and -funded CATO Institute in fueling climate change denial and obstruction of efforts to try to mitigate the harms of climate change.