990s from Charles Koch's Network of Foundations and Organizations

Charles Koch has founded and funded a vast network of foundations and organizations whose main objectives are to change our laws and policies to fit his worldview. Under attack by Charles Koch’s network are federal and state policies that range from environmental policy “deregulation” to capturing the U.S. Supreme Court and other state and federal courts.

On this page, we present the 990 tax forms for almost all of the known Charles Koch affiliated non-profit organizations, including foundations funded by the Koch family fortune. “990” tax forms are the annual reports that all non-profits and charitable foundations are required to submit to the IRS, which then become open for public inspection (the public portions). The forms show the finances of the entity and list the most highly paid independent contractors used that year. For charitable foundations, the 990 requires disclosure of which organizations received donations and how much. These forms do not publicly disclose the names of major donors to a non-profit group, other than the source of income for a foundation.

The 990s on this page were collected by the DeSmog team over many years and are hosted here, as well as DeSmog’s website, for anyone to use and read. You can also learn more about the non-profits groups that are either controlled by or have been funded with the Koch fortune below the 990s on this page, by scrolling down.

To learn more about the Koch network’s influence on the climate change denial movement, read the Greenpeace published report titled, “Koch Industries: Secretly Funding the Climate Denial Machine,” which details Koch funding of many of the most prominent climate denial groups.

View and search 990s for Koch Funded and Affiliated Foundations and Organizations here:

To learn more about these organizations and foundations, follow links to the listed DeSmog profiles and other resources below: