1979 Oklahoma Libertarian Party Newsletter on Views that David Koch “Bought the Nomination” to Run for VP

This is a newsletter from September 1979, distributed by the Oklahoma Libertarian Party, reporting back to members about the LP’s convention, which chose Ed Clark to run for President with David Koch as his running mate.

The report notes that David Koch planned to donate at least $500K to the party in its bid for the White House. It also provides a list of some of Charles Koch’s non-profit groups focused on Libertarianism.

Here are some excerpts:

“The nomination of David Koch for vice-president has again raised some questions about the influence of the Koch family on the Libertarian movement.” 

“David Koch’s nomination was opposed by many, including myself on the grounds that all he had to offer was money…. In my opinion, he bought the nomination but what the heck, we held out for a good price and it looks like we’ll get to have our cake and eat it too.”

The document also notes:

There was same resentment at the convention
at what seemed to be the outright purchase
of the nomination including the Oklahoma
delegation who sat out the vote.
There is fear among some Libertarians that
the Koch family is in the process of 
purchasing the Libertarian movement itself.
Those who discount these fears are often
tarred with the same brush.