Mike Pompeo and His Deep Koch Ties

Mike Pompeo, Trump’s Secretary of State, is embroiled in the controversy over his role of the quid pro quo between Trump releasing congressionally approved aid to Ukraine and securing promises to investigate Trump political rival, Joe Biden. The U.S. House of Representatives this week voted to investigate any potentially impeachable offenses by Trump and his aides.

Pompeo, a former Army officer, got staked in business in his post-military career by Koch venture capital. The Koch Industries’ PR operation is promoting its venture capital operations in news this week.

Although Pompeo and Charles Koch appear to diverge views on matters of foreign policy, Pompeo has long advanced the Koch agenda domestically. The Koch family fortune and Charles Koch’s political operation, Americans for Prosperity, also backed Pompeo when he ran for Congress, representing Wichita, where Koch Industries has its headquarters. Pompeo also helped lead Koch’s “think tank” in the state, the Kansas Policy Institute, as a member of its Board of Directors, working closely with Charles Koch’s first right-hand man on politics and policy, George Pearson.

For more details on Pompeo’s ties to the Koch agenda, such as opposing efforts to try to mitigate the devastating climate changes that are underway and more, see DeSmog’s Pompeo profile, which is part of its new Koch Network Database, which is a partner on this site. DeSmog has compiled filings from Pompeo’s corporation, Thayer Aerospace, which the Koch venture capital invested in to an undisclosed amount, among other key materials.