1995 ALEC State Factor: Charles Koch & David Koch Award Speeches; Rio climate treaty opposition

This document contains the transcripts of speeches by Charles Koch and David Koch of Koch Industries upon the receipt of the “Adam Smith Award” created by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

ALEC is a non-profit group that calls itself the largest voluntary association of state legislators in the U.S., but which is largely funded by corporations and special interest groups that write legislation they want those legislators to make legally binding. At ALEC Task Force meetings, ALEC funders get an “equal voice and vote” with ALEC legislators on “model” bills to change the rights of people in the U.S.

These speeches, from ALEC’s 1994 meeting, are included in a newsletter called the “State Factor” from September 8, 1995 (Volume 21, Number 6).

The newsletter also features Patrick Michaels–then at the University of Virginia, before a long career at the Cato Institute–asserting that there is “unsettled science” involved in the 1990 Rio Earth Summit, the first United Nations meeting convened to address climate change.