1980 Oil Broker’s Fundraising Letter Lauds “Loophole in the FEC Regulations” to Allow David Koch to Spend “Several Hundred Thousand Dollars” on the Libertarian Party

This document is a set of correspondence from Steve Buckstein of the Finance Committee of the presidential campaign of Libertarian Party candidates Ed Clark and David Koch. Buckstein was inviting investors to a fundraiser featuring Koch

Among other things, one of the letters states: “You may know or know of the Koch family of Wichita, KS. David Koch is Ed Clark’s running mate, and through a loophole in the FEC regulations is able to avoid the contribution limits placed on PACS and individuals. David is personally contributing at least $500,000 to the Clark campaign.”

Buckstein, of Omega Securities, was a broker of investments in drilling for oil and gas wells along with tax shelters for “windfall profits.” One of the letters to Jerome Lewis, of Petro-Lewis, he urges him to support the Clark-Koch ticket, and thanks him for helping to create a new PAC (political action committee) called the “Energy Education Committee” in Washington, DC. That PAC included Jon G. Massey, a carbon investor, on its Steering Committee.