Koch-Funded Opposition to Environmental Laws, Licensing, and Poverty Programs

This document is the question and answer for an interview with Playgirl magazine with Ed Clark, the running mate of David Koch for the Libertarian Party in 1980, when that presidential campaign was being infused with cash from the Koch fortune.

In it, Clark states the Koch-funded Party’s position on a range of issues.

For example, the Koch-funded position on environmental laws was that there should not be any government regulation but that individual citizens, which it also describes as property owners, should be able to sue polluters. Fast forward to the present day in 2019, and neither Koch Industries nor any of the Koch-funded front groups have issued statements in support of the climate litigation against Exxon to hold that oil company responsible in part for the devastating climate changes that are underway and for its role in peddling climate change denial, even though “Exxon Knew.” Instead, Koch-funded PR, lobbying, and dark money political operations have assailed government efforts to try to mitigate climate change.

The q-and-a also discusses an early example of the Koch-funded position against government licensing of professions, in this instance opposing public regulation of rules to help ensure that day care facilities that are charged with keeping infants safe have licensed providers.

It also states the Koch-funded position that the U.S. government should withdraw defense spending to help protect allies, with no exception for any key strategic alliance like NATO or Japan.

It also states the Koch-funded support for the Equal Rights Amendment and discusses nuclear power, abortion, and other issues.