2015 Koch Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Claims about “Right To Work”

In this 2015 document, Americans for Prosperity Foundation makes several claims about so-called “right-to-work” legislation, claims that have repeatedly been debunked by independent economists, such as:

  1. Right to work states having higher paying jobs;
  2. Right to work states having more job creation;
  3. The freedom these laws give workers to choose not to join a union;
  4. Having right to work signals to employers that a state has a workforce that is, “more competitive and open to innovation.”

This is part of Charles Koch’s long-standing and wide-ranging opposition to worker rights. This is a continuation of his father’s hostility to unions, which the magazine In These Times documented in a 2018 article by Lisa Graves titled “Inside the Koch Family’s 60-Year Anti-Union Campaign That Gave Us Janus.”