1980 Clark-Koch Oil and Gas Journal Ad Promising to “Abolish the Department of Energy”

This document is a May 10, 1980, letter from Charles Koch’s confidant Ed Crane to “Clark V.I.P’s” about media coverage of the Ed Clark-David Koch presidential campaign. Enclosed in the letter is an ad placed in the Oil and Gas Journal, which Crane reports got a “surprisingly good response.” The ad targets the energy crisis and promises to “abolish the Department of Energy,” among other things.

Document excerpts:

  1. “We ran the enclosed ad in the Oil and Gas Journal recently, and have gotten a surprisingly good response.”
  2. “Ed Clark has a solution for the energy crisis: Let America’s oil and gas producers produce.”
  3. “Ed Clark’s Libertarian energy program gets to the root of the problem: Abolish the Department of Energy. Repeal the ‘windfall profits’ tax. End price and allocations controls on oil and natural gas. Allow energy prices to reflect the realities of supply and demand.”
  4. “One of my first priorities as President would be to abolish the Department of Energy”
  5. “The Libertarian candidate for Vice President, businessman David Koch, is president of Koch Engineering Co. in New York.”