2018 Seminar Network Institute IRS Form 990


EIN 47-3175931

501c4 tax-exempt organization

This organization was previously known as “Freedom C4, Inc.” from 2016-2017, according to IRS tax filings. It was briefly renamed “CKI Policy, Inc” for less than a month in September , 2018, before rebranding as TSN Institute, according to the certificate of Amendment letter from the state of Delaware (pp. 39-42).

TSN Institute was formed in 2015 using the name “Stand Together, Inc,” which is the same name of a different organization (see above) with a distinct Employer Identification Number (EIN), according to the group’s determination letter from the IRS.

Since 2018, TSN institute has likely been incorporated into the Koch network’s “Stand Together” umbrella, but whether this specific organization was shuttered or simply renamed cannot be confirmed until 2019 990 filings are released.

Revenue: (p. 2)


  • $2,501,630 total
    • $2,500,000 from incoming grants


  • $431 total
    • $0 from incoming grants

Expenses: (p. 2)


  • $1,934,175 total
    • $0 in outgoing grants


  • $495,561 total
    • $0 in outgoing grants

Related Tax-Exempt Organizations: (p. 23)

  • Charles Koch Foundation
  • Charles Koch Institute
  • Stand Together, Inc.
  • The Seminar Network, Inc.

Related Taxable Corporations & Trusts: (p. 24)

  • MBM Center, Inc (C Corporation)
    • EIN 81-4065996