1980 Crane Urges that David Koch Be Invited to Board of Another Koch Group

Two weeks before the 1980 presidential election, Charles Koch’s close ally was planning for post-election roles in the Libertarian movement for David Koch and others.

In this letter on the stationary of Clark for President, Ed Crane urges Leonard Liggio to invite David Koch to be the third person on the board of another non-profit.

Crane was then the communications director for the Libertarian Party’s presidential campaign and was also a leader of the Cato Institute. Crane wrote to Liggio, who was affiliated with Charles Koch’s Institute for Humane Studies, although Liggio played other roles in Charles Koch’s other non-profits.

In the letter, Crane also says that he wanted to get the leader of the Libertarian Party, Chris Hocker, involved with the “LR,” the Libertarian Review, a publication controlled by Charles Koch. Many of the LR’s writers were affiliates with Charles Koch’s Cato Institute, which he co-founded with Crane.