1980 Statement of Ed Clark Calling for the Elimination of the Departments of Energy and Education

This document is a 1980 statement made by Libertarian Party presidential candidate Ed Clark at the Phoenix Press Club on February 1, 1980.  The speech calls for the elimination of the Department of Energy and the Department of Education.

Excerpts from the document:

  1. “The elimination of the proposed $8.7 billion for the Department of Energy would lower taxes and help revitalize our domestic energy industry. America needs free market energy. Instead, the Carter Administration proposes a windfall profits tax that will take over where stifling price controls and the perverse entitlement system left off. This new tax will continue to make it more difficult for domestic exploration and drilling operations to compete with foreign crude, and will help fund a corporate welfare package for synfuels and an Energy Security Corporation.”
  2. “We do not need a $13 billion Department of Education. We need tax credits for anyone who sends a child to a private, voluntary school. This will give the poor and middle class a choice for the better education of their children.”