1980 Report Showing that David Koch Spent $2,086,000 on the Clark-Koch Presidential Campaign

This document is a report on the 1980 Libertarian Presidential Campaign of Ed Clark and David Koch. The authors of the report are Charles Koch’s operatives Ed Crane, Communications Director, and Christopher Hocker, National Coordinator, of the Libertarian Party.

Excerpts from the document include:

  1. “On the fundraising side, the Clark for President Committee took in a total of $3,480,000.00, including money raised by Clark for President organizations in individual states, of which $2,086,000.00 was contributed by David Koch, and $1,394,000.00 came from other Clark supporters.”
  2. “…the total funds raised by the campaign comes to $3,652,000.00 of which 57% came from David Koch.”