1980 Brochure of Clark Campaign Calling for the Elimination of the Energy Department and the Minimum Wage, and More

This document is a brochure for the Ed Clark For President Campaign that sought to place a Libertarian in the White House in the 1980 election cycle. The brochure outlines the campaign platform of Ed Clark on issues including energy, unemployment, inflation, taxes, civil liberties, the draft, education, foreign affairs, crime, and military spending.

Excerpts from the document:

  1. “Right now, people who attend alternative schools have to pay for education twice: they pay for government schools through taxes and they pay for the tuition of the alternative school. Only people with a lot of money can afford that. The rest of us are stuck with the incompetent public system. But a tax credit would make decent schools available to everyone. It would give people a choice. And it would improve the public system by subjecting it to competition.”
  2. “I advocate the abolition of the Department of Energy…”
  3. “I also advocate eliminating the minimum wage.”