2012 Legal Complaint Filed by Charles and David Koch against the Cato Institute, Ed Crane, and the widow of William Niskanen, Kathryn Washburn

This is a copy of the original legal complaint filed by Charles and David Koch in 2012 to try to regain control of the Cato Institute, which Charles Koch founded with Ed Crane and others in 1977.

This document was first published in Politico, in a piece by Mike Allen that was allegedly pitched by Charles Koch’s staff. (Mike Allen later served as a master of ceremonies for a forum of presidential candidates at a private donor meeting convened by Charles Koch). A long-form article by Luke Mullins in the Washingtonian magazine by Luke Mullins was particularly rich in detail.

A list of media criticizing the actions of Koch executives can be found on the archived “Save Cato” webpage, which includes all of the legal filings and other documentation. The archived Koch v Cato website contains many articles from Cato staff, along with a vast Bibliography of articles on the controversy. Media promoting the Koch perspective can be found on the archived “For a Better Cato” website.

A large selection of the reporting and commentary on the Koch brothers feud with Cato is available below the lawsuit filing:

Media Reports:

Commentary by Libertarians, Cato Staff & Alumni

A voluminous archives of commentary on the Koch dispute with Cato is preserved on the archived Koch v. Cato Bibliography, including most of the posts below, and more.