2017 Koch Seminar Network: Memo on Federal Policy Agenda for 2017-2018

This memo from Charles Koch’s network to its funders details changes in the law sought by what was then called the “Seminar Network.”

That group previously operated under the name “Freedom Partners” and it is now operating under the name “Stand Together.” Whatever the name, the concept is the same: this is the political agenda of the Koch empire in coordination with the CEOs and corporations that help fund Charles Koch’s agenda through a non-profit trade group–organized under 501(c)(5) of the IRS Code–which has operated under different brand names.

This kind of memo is one of the organizing tools deployed by Koch to get his billionaire and millionaire funder allies, who are part of what is also sometimes called the “Koch Network,” on the same page about the electoral/policy agenda for the year ahead. Koch’s political hq circulates these kinds of memos as part of the semi-annual retreats Charles Koch has been hosting for years to advance his personal and corporate agenda.

The memo discusses the Koch agenda to change tax laws, confirm judges to the Supreme Court and other courts who are aligned with their agenda, limit the rights of labor unions and workers, and eliminate numerous environmental regulations.

It includes a list of “Notable developments at the federal level” that the organization considered to demonstrate ‘progress’ on issues which the Koch network had “championed for years,” specifically:

  1. CFPG Arbitration Rule- Repealed by Congressional Review Act
  2. EPA Waters of the U.S. Regulations- In Process of Being Formally Repealed
  3. Keystone XL Pipeline, Dakota Access Pipeline- Permits Approved
  4. BLM Stream Protection Rule- Overturned
  5. EPA Clean Power Plan- In Process of Being Formally Repealed
  6. Infrastructure Project Permit Streamlining- Executive Order Issued
  7. Review Antiquities Act Abuse- Executive Order Issued
  8. BLM Rule Preventing Fracking on Federal and Indian Lands- Rescinded
  9. Withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement- Withdrawn
  10. EPA “sue and settle” practices- Ended
  11. Treasury Department estate-tax rules- Eight Rules Repealed
  12. Expanded joint employer/independent contractor standards- DOL Rescinded, Amendment Passed in House
  13. Repealed Obamacare limits on short-term insurance plans- Executive Order Issued

This memo was first reported by The Intercept and Documented Investigations.