1979 David Koch’s Request to a Koch Industries Exec to Max Out Personal Campaign Contributions, plus Michigan Ballot Information

This set of correspondence includes letters conveying fundraising requests from David Koch and also conveying a fundraising request to Charles Koch.

The first is a letter fro Sterling Varner at Koch Industries from the head of the Libertarian Party, Chris Hocker, asking Varner to max out his contributions to the presidential campaign and to the party at the specific request of David Koch, who was the Vice President of Koch Industries (and co-owner of Varner’s employer). The letter asks Varner to contribute personal to the campaign and notes the request is not for a contribution from Koch Industries, which was barred under long-standing federal law from making a direct contribution.

The second document is another version of this letter addressed to George Ablah, a Wichita businessman in the oil industry, at the address of Magnum Land Corporation.

Here is a sample of such requests:

“David and I hope you will send your checks for the maximum legal amount, payable to “Clark for President” and “The Libertarian Party” to the address shown below at your earliest convenience. Many thanks for your consideration.” 

The third document and attachments convey a request to Charles Koch from Eric O’Keefe for support for his efforts to get the Libertarian Party on the ballot in MIchigan in 1980, along with other details. O’Keefe has aided Charles Koch’s agenda in innumerable ways in the 40 years since then.