2014 Americans for Prosperity Foundation on “The EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations”

This document is briefing paper from Kochs’ Americans for Prosperity Foundation on “The EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Regulations,” which criticizes government initiatives that enhance the regulation of greenhouse gases (GHG) to address the climate changes that are underway, such as:

  1. The “endangerment finding”
  2. Fuel economy and emissions standards for cars and trucks
  3. Regulation of stationary sources of GHG emissions, such as power plants, petroleum refineries, and more
  4. GHG reporting requirements
  5. The Climate Action Plan of the Obama Administration, including the “New Source Performance Standards” (NSPS) and stricter carbon regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency on a state by state basis

In the document, AFP says that the “touted purpose of the proposed regulations” to combat climate change and provide health benefits to Americans “have come under scrutiny.” It also asserts, among other things, that “thousands of jobs would be lost as hundreds of coal plants are forced to close.”