1980 Libertarian Party David Koch Candidate Statement for Voter Pamphlets, re “Pollution Control” and the EPA

This is David Koch’s response to a government form for a “voter pamphlet” about himself and his candidacy for Vice President in the 1980 presidential election, from 1980, as part of the Clark campaign for the Libertarian Party.

In it, Koch describes his work as Vice President of Koch Industries as focused on “pollution control.” In his statement, he also criticizes the Environmental Protection Agency and claims that any environmental interests would be better protected by protecting private property rights to private suit, that is by not having public laws about pollution and our environment,

Here are an excerpt:

“The EPA, like all regulatory agencies, is inefficient and bureaucratic. A better answer is a legal system that once again recognizes property rights and forbids harmful pollution of anyone’s air or water. That will be the best protection for our rights and our environment.”