1979 Meeting of Clark for President Steering Committee, with David Koch

These are the summary notes from two days of meetings of the Clark for President team.

The Steering Committee discussed the role David Koch would play in the campaign. It also discussed its mailing lists and sources for mailing lists, naming a number of groups controlled or funded by Charles Koch: Reason,the Libertarian Review, Students for a Libertarian Society, and more. It also referenced fundraising outreach to the CEOs who were part of Charles Koch’s Council for a Competitive Economy.

It also noted that David was getting briefed on policy by the Cato Institute, which Charles Koch created with Ed Crane as a co-founder.

The attendees included David Koch, Ed Crane, Chris Hocker, David Nolan, and Howie Rich.

This meeting was held September 29-30, 1979.

Excerpts include:

“David Koch wants a proposal from us to when we want his funds.” “Individuals on the Steering Committee should not ask Koch for money for their pet projects since that money will come out of his donation to CFP.”