1994 Richard Fink Letter to James Buchanan re Koch’s Young Entrepreneur Program

This1994 set of correspondence with clips is from one of Charles Koch’s lieutenants, Richard Fink, to one of Charles Koch’s economics professors, James Buchanan, promoting Charles Koch’s “Young Entrepreneurs” program, funded by the Charles Koch Foundation.

Fink was writing as the president of the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation to Buchanan, as President of the Center for the Study of Public Choice at George Mason University.

The letter discusses a program begun in Wichita, Kansas, the headquarters of Charles Koch’s Koch Industries, to teach at-risk youth about Charles Koch’s views on economics and venture capital.

Recently, in 2018-19, Charles Koch’s political operation has re-branded itself as “Stand Together,” with public relations materials to polish the image of this part of Koch’s operations. Koch Industries has also launched new ads in airports and other venues across the country touting its focus on training young people in entrepreneurship in accordance with Charles Koch’s philosophies, as illustrated by this image with the kicker “kochmakesthat.com.”