1989 Correspondence between Richard Fink and James Buchanan re George Mason University

This is a set of correspondence between one of Charles Koch’s lieutenants, Richard Fink, and a Charles Koch-funded economist, Dr. James Buchanan, the subject of Nancy MacLean’s book, Democracy in Chains about Koch’s extreme agenda.

In 1974, Koch gave a speech at his Institute for Humane Society, arguing that the Powell Memo did not go far enough and that the business community needed to create a “well financed cadre” of advocates of his “free market philosophy.”

At the time of this 1989 letter, Buchanan was the General Director of the Center for the Study of Public Choice at George Mason University, which Charles Koch had invested in heavily in the preceding decade–and subsequently.

At that time, Fink had been given the title “Executive Vice President, University Advancement and Planning” at George Mason University.

This correspondence involves logistics for fundraising for GMU.