1975 Libertarian Party Official Notes the Party Did Not Have a Policy Paper on Energy Policy Prepared for the 1976 Presidential Election

This December 1975 letter from the Libertarian Party co-founder, David Nolan, asks Dr. Petr Beckmann to help create an energy policy agenda for the Libertarian Party to offer a “rational alternative” during the 1976 presidential election. Nolan was a member of the Executive Committee of the Party, which began with a meeting he helped convene in 1971 which resulted in the creation of the Party in 1972.

At the time, Ed Crane was the Chairman of the Libertarian Party.

Nolan sent this copy of the letter to Crane, with a note that he considered Beckmann “very knowledgeable” on the subject. Although the Party had a position statement on inflation, prior to 1976, if apparently did not have a well developed position on energy policy. Beckmann was a professor of electrical engineering and a proponent of nuclear power.